Friday, 30 January 2009

Australia Day / Chinese New Year

January 26 is Australia Day, which coincidentally also happens to be Chinese New Year this year. Every Australia Day, a few of the families on the street where I live go to a park nearby and have a get-together... a picnic and a friendly competition of boules (a form of lawn bowl). It's a nice, 'feel good' time attended by both young and old.

At events like these, I try to make use of the opportunity to take some nice photos. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't so great, the sky was cloudy and it even rained a little.

As you can see, I wasn't the only photographer on the scene... I did managed to capture some 'Kodak Moments' such as this picture of Geoff and Tim.

And these are the 2 pairs of finalists for the Boules Competition. And the winners were... Glynn and Lyn. It wasn't a windy day so the Australian flag you see 'blowing' in the wind behind the winners is actually being held up by another one of my neighbours, Nigel (standing behind the flag).

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