Monday, 5 January 2009

New Year 2009

People in Sydney are a little crazy when it comes to the New Year's Eve fireworks display. I saw in the news that one person actually camped out the night before new year's eve in order to stake out a good spot to view the fireworks. That's one night and one entire day in the same spot, just to get a good view. And unlike the northern hemisphere, December 31st 2008 was one hot day Down Under.

Unlike previous years, I decided to view the fireworks from a hill near where I live instead of going to the city with the crowds. There I was, sitting on the sidewalk with my camera atop a low wall next to me, taking some photos of the fireworks when a possum appears out of nowhere and charges me. In the second or so it took my brain to register what was happening, the possum was on my back. The entire time I was fighting this sugar-overdosed possum, the thought running through my head was 'Don't knock the camera over!' Having had its fun a short while later, the possum ran off but not before leaving a puncture wound on the back of my shoulder a little less than an inch long. What an interesting way to usher in 2009! :) Happy New Year.

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Woon Bing said...

POssuM!!! :D Happy New Year