Friday, 25 May 2007

Haworth 1940's Weekend - 20th May

Every year around this time in spring, there is an event in the beautiful village of Haworth situated on the edge of the Pennine moors in West Yorkshire, England. It's the 1940’s Weekend, a time when everyone dresses up in 1940s clothing, British and American soldiers walk the streets (along with a few Nazis), vintage cars and buses travel along the roads, and Winston Churchill and the Queen can be seen giving speeches. Newspaper boys and scouts in 1940s uniforms walk around selling newspapers dated from that era. Songs from the 40s can be heard playing from loudspeakers on rooftops. It’s like going back in time!! Really, really awesome!

I took the steam train here on Sunday from Keighley station and spent the entire day just looking around and taking photos. I originally wanted to see the WW2 Spitfire fly past which was supposed to be held here the day before but it was cancelled due to bad weather. I then found out there will be a Veterans’ Weekend from the 30th June to 1st July in the city centre of Bradford.... and guess what plane from the Battle of Britain will be doing a fly past then? Yep, the Spitfire :)

Friday, 18 May 2007

My Digital Art - Part 2

This photo of Emma was taken against a plain white background, and then composited unto the peeling paint backdrop.

Edited June 2008 -
Looking back at this pic, I felt like removing this blog entry as the entire effect just looks wrong. I have no idea what kind of effect I was hoping for at the time! But then instead of deleting this, I thought maybe it'll be interesting to tweak the original image a bit and see what a comparison with an edited version would look like... so I've included a new edited version below. More pleasing, I think, but still very amateurish... you be the judge.

Saturday, 5 May 2007

My Digital Art - Part 1

These are just some images I created using Photoshop, something I do once in a while when I'm bored. I don't think they're artistic enough to be called 'art' but I didn't know what to call them ('fruits of my boredom'?) so unless I come up with something better, they shall be known as 'my digital art'.

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Marks & Spencer flapjacks

Here's an inconsequential piece of information for you. At the local Marks & Spencer store, you can buy 3 small buckets of assorted sweet chocolate and cookies for £5. They are delicious! Not really healthy for you (their flapjacks, for example, consist of 23% butter and 16% golden syrup, that's almost 40% of the total content - butter and syrup) but if you're looking for some sweet snacks, these are definately yummy!