Thursday, 27 August 2009


When news came out that Christopher Nolan was going to work on a movie called Inception, people thought it was going to be a small movie. Imagine their surprise when it was revealed that the movie has a budget of more than $200 million! For months, journalists and fans have been trying to find out more about this movie but everything is being kept top-secret, so much so rumour started that Inception was actually the working title for the third Batman movie by Nolan. That was proven to be false but even after the cast was made known, nobody involved with the movie is revealing anything. A week ago, the first teaser trailer was released. All that is known is that the story has something to do with the 'architecture of the mind'. Unlike James Cameron's Avatar, Inception is certainly very hush-hush, which makes me extremely curious.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

The Crafting of Narnia / Basement Books

Before I went to England, I often went to discount book stores to buy books. Sometimes I'd find some really good bargains for film, art or design books. Unfortunately, when I came back from England, I discovered most of the discount book stores have closed. I was therefore happy to find one of my favourites is still open for business. Basement Books is located at the end of Central Station's underground pedestrian tunnel. A couple of weeks back, I bought The Crafting of Narnia (a book that retails elsewhere at AU$45.00) for AU$12.95.

If you're interested in film post-production, then this book is a bargain. Creatures, castles, weapons and other beautiful art fill the pages.

The full address for Basement Books is Shop 1, Henry Deane Plaza, 2 Lee Street, Haymarket, Sydney. If you're ever in the area, do drop by and have a look. You never know, you may find something you'll like!

Thursday, 13 August 2009

City 2 Surf 2009

City 2 Surf is a 14km run from the heart of Sydney (near Hyde Park) to the famous Bondi Beach. This year, it was held on the 9th August and 75,000 people participated. Each year, the run starts at 9am and the winners usually take about 40 to 45 minutes to complete the course. But this is also a fun-run so in addition to the serious runners, you also get families participating (complete with babies in strollers), and people with superhero costumes or goofy getups. Winter is coming to an end and people are already spending weekends at the beach.

Throw in another 75,000 people and Bondi Beach was one crowded beach last weekend! Some were there for the run, some were there to watch the Australian Idol singers performing, and others just took the opportunity to make a political statement or two!

Participants also get a participation medal... but this year, they didn't have enough for those who crossed the finish line really late (people were still strolling across the finish line a couple of hours after the start of the run).

I'm thinking this is probably because a) they didn't make medals for everyone b) more than 75,000 people participated in the end or c) 75,000 people participated but some collected more than one medal! How inconsiderate! :)

And I hope no one had an urgent need to go to the toilet because the line was really long!

When I was leaving the area, I saw another long line that streched the entire length of the street.

At first, I thought they were waiting to buy lunch at the shops, but after walking to the very end of the street, I saw that they were waiting for the bus! Good thing I live within walking distance! :)