Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Sydney, Australia

So what's happening to the weather nowadays? I was reading the blog of a cousin in Bristol, England and it seems they're having the coldest winter in 20 years. Photos of snow-covered landscape dotted his site. And here in Sydney, the weather has been really hot. We've been in the middle of a heatwave for weeks now, with temperatures going over 40°C in some places for more than 9 consecutive days, and more than 50 bushfires burning in various places in NSW at one point in time. Entire picturesque towns have been burned off the map in Victoria down south. It's now Australia's worst ever natural disaster with many lives lost. Then all of a sudden, the temperature drops drastically the past 2 days. Yesterday was the coldest February day in Sydney for 17 years with the highest daytime temperature only 19°C! The next few days are forecasted to be more or less the same. It just makes you wonder what's happening to the weather everywhere.

A while back (when the weather wasn't so extreme) I was at Sydney Harbour and took some photos of the Volendam, a Holland-America Line cruise ship. Coincidentally, they were having a drill that day, and everyone had to 'abandon ship'. It reminded me a bit of the movie Titanic, except no one panicked and the life boats were a lot more modern. I haven't been to the beach yet since coming back to Sydney... maybe when the weather is more moderate.

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