Wednesday, 9 January 2008

November trip - Edinburgh / Inverness (Scotland)

It's been ages since I've last written an entry. The past few months have been really busy, working at the theatre, designing my website, putting my showreel together and also going on a couple of trips :) In November, I went to Scotland with Wilson, my former flatmate. Our first stop was Edinburgh - a beautiful city but unfortunately, it rained almost every day we were there! Still, it was nice to get away for my first real holiday in almost a year (day trips not included). From Edinburgh, we went to Inverness, in north Scotland. Inverness is known as 'The Gateway to the Highlands of Scotland' and it was just amazing! The scenery was just spectacular and instead of the rain, we got blue, sunny skies! One of the places we went to was Loch Ness, home of the famous Loch Ness monster, but tried as I did, I couldn't find any sign of Nessie :(

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