Saturday, 30 May 2009

Sydney Vivid Festival - Part 1

Ta-daa! The Sydney Opera House like you've never seen it before! :) I went to Sydney harbour this past Thursday to look at the Sydney Vivid Festival exhibits and took some photos of the Sydney Opera House lighted up in different colours and designs. I’ve seen this kind of lighting before, both here in Sydney and also in Bradford, England where they lighted up the Bradford Town Hall, but the scale of it here is much bigger as the Opera House is a really huge building.

I also took pictures of the Museum of Contemporary Arts which is also lighted up in different designs, one of which reminds me of Gotham city, so I added the Bat signal to the pic.. hehe. I had to leave before seeing all the designs for the Opera House as I had to catch the last train home. The Vivid Festival is on until the 14th June so I'll probably go again if I find the time as there are still lots I haven't seen.

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