Saturday, 16 August 2008

VOSS, from Norway

What's so special about bottled water? Well, nothing. At least that's what I thought, until I set eyes on a bottled water from Norway called VOSS. Apparently, VOSS is found in top hotels, restaurants and clubs around the world, which probably explains why I have never seen a bottle of VOSS until now since I don't frequent any of those places. I'm in more of a 'youth hostel' financial bracket rather than a 'top hotel' bracket, you know? Anyway, I met up with a cousin of mine for dinner the other day. He's the only relative I have in England at the moment and he came up from Bristol with a couple of his friends to spend a day in London. It was when we were shopping around after dinner in Harrods that I saw the VOSS bottles. I knew I wanted to buy one as soon as I saw them, not because I was thirsty but because I wanted the bottle... yeah, the actual glass bottle itself. I love the sleek design :) A few days later, I found out the bottle was designed by Neil Kraft, the former creative director for Calvin Klein! I guess that explains the nice design. More info on VOSS can be found here -


Chrys said...


Man, how much was the bottle? Wouldn't be able to smuggle one into KL for me would ya?

Chris in the UK said...

It wasn't expensive... £1.50? I'll try to bring it back but maybe it'll be too heavy. There is a restaurant at Bondi Beach that sells it, though. It's on the VOSS site :)