Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Barcelona, Spain

The first week of April was spent in Barcelona, Spain and it was wonderful! Life there was more laidback, the people were generally friendly and the weather was great. Of course, my positive outlook could have been because I was on holiday!

The photos above show random views of Barcelona, including the sardana, Catalonia’s dance that symbolizes unity, performed outside Catedral Barcelona in Placa de la Seu on Sundays at noon, and of course La Sagrada Familia, the most visited site in Barcelona. This Temple by Antoni Gaudi is quite a sight to behold. As I viewed it from a distance, an image of the Walt Disney movie studio logo came to mind, although this Temple looked like a more organic, darker version.

Some of the places I visited were famous tourist attractions while some were just narrow cobbled streets that had no 'attractions' to offer other than their wonderful ambience. In most countries I have been to, narrow streets are known to be dirty, smelly or dangerous but in Barcelona, they are generally clean and full of life, with families walking around, either having a meal at one of the restaurants or just strolling along. Walking along these narrow streets in the evenings, with old residential buildings rising up on both sides and with the light from the setting sun reflecting down from the top floors, provided a carefree laidback feel I absolutely loved :)

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