Saturday, 14 April 2007

North Wales

Rokas and I went to Wales on Thursday, to Conwy, a small town by the sea with a nice old castle, and to Llandudno, a seaside resort town about 20 mins drive north of Conwy. They're both situated on the northern coast of North Wales. The weather wasn’t too bad but it was a bit cloudy and not as sunny as during the Malham trip last week. One of the attractions of Conwy is Conwy Castle, built by King Edward I and completed in 1287 (which makes it 720 years old). The view from the top of the castle was beautiful but unfortunately, the photographs didn't turn out that great.

Next stop - a walk atop the medieval town walls, which surround the entire town. There's a similar town wall in the city of York which I visited last year, but I think the one here is in better condition. From the top of the walls, I was able to look down at houses and in some instances even look into the living and dining rooms of some homes. At one house, we were able to look down a skylight into a bedroom! (I'm sure historians and tour guides would be hugely disappointed at the focus of my interest.)

After Conwy, it was off to Llandudno, a town with a nice seaside promenade. On the way up a hill known as The Great Orme, Rokas saw a classic Morgan sports car parked outside one of the hotels and decided to have a look. The owner, John Towles, showed us a leather-bound book with photographs of the construction process that went into making his car. Each car is individually made to order, and made by hand!

We chatted for quite a while and I loved the atmosphere at this hotel so if anyone is thinking of visiting Llandudno, do check out the Headlands Hotel on Hill Terrace Road – more info can be found here
By the time we finished, it was a bit late to climb up The Great Orme so we went to the pier instead before heading back.

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